You’re a miracle I only met once.

Gray Fullbuster is a member of the Fairy Tail guild, and is often accused of being an exhibitionist. He's eighteen. While he doesn't seem to enjoy showing off his body, he does tend to lose or forget his clothes quite often. He and Natsu have a friendly rivalry, and can often be seen fighting one another. He practices ice alchemy, and Lucy suggests that this is the reason that he and Natsu don't get along. His member stamp is underneath his collarbone.
Source: Wikipedia

The first thing that stood out to me about Gray was his amazing ability to strip at the most random of times. That alone made me laugh hysterically and had me paying attention to his character. I've always loved the dynamics of his relationship/rivalry with Natsu as well, constantly fighting and arguing (and then Gray inevitably stripping again). What I love the most about Gray's character is that he can keep me so amused throughout the series, but he also has these intense serious moments where I temporarily forget all about his ridiculous side, which makes the return to that part of his character all the more hilarious.